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What’s the Bzzz?

This project was a school community experience linking food, culture, health and the environment. Just as the butterfly is a metaphor of the connection between humans and other species, so, too, are bees an indicator species threatened by the changing climate. Bees are essential to the production of one out of every three bites of food we eat.

Bees are in trouble. Honeybees all over the world are experiencing the mysterious “colony collapse disorder” causing an unprecedented amount of honeybees to perish each year. The health and productivity of bees is declining and populations are dwindling worldwide.

Using the old world bee hive sculpture to begin the conservation about food, culture, health and the environment within the school community, students learned the facts and science of bee life cycles and their important role as pollinators and their connection to our food system. Students creatively used recycled, re-purposed or reused materials to build the skin of the armature and populate the hive with bees they create from recycled materials. Participating schools also agree to implement simple remediation or adaptation projects such as installing a bee hotel or planting a garden that attracts pollinators.

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2015 Participating Schools:

Arborwood Elementary
Central Elementary
Chase Elementary
St Patrick School
St Charles School
Sterling Elementary
Sodt Elementary
Ritter Elementary
MCES St. Michael Campus
MCES St. John Campus
MCES St. Mary Campus
Monroe Middle School

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