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Leave it to Beavers! Project

In 2017, our Climate Literacy Program focused on linking wetland ecosystems, the environment, and local history.

Leave it to Beavers project engaged schools and their communities to care for their environment by learning about wetland preservation, water quality, and beavers as ecosystem engineers. Trapped for their fur to near extinction, beavers are making a comeback in Monroe County, which is situated in the River Raisin watershed as well as the Western Lake Erie Basin. Scientists now regard beavers as important contributors to reversing the disastrous effects of global warming and worldwide water shortages.

Sixteen Monroe County schools received a beaver armature made from chicken wire and a curriculum resources kit for their students to creatively learn about the importance of wetlands and the beaver’s role as a climate guardian. Students¬†explored their relationship with animals as fellow creatures living alongside us in complex, interdependent ecosystems. If we learn to understand animals, we can protect and restore the planet we all share.

  • Chase Academy, Toledo
  • Dundee Middle School, Dundee
  • Ida Middle School, Ida
  • Mason Central Elementary School, Erie
  • MCES St. Michael Campus, Monroe
  • MCES St. John Campus, Monroe
  • MCES St. Mary Campus, Monroe
  • Meadow Montessori, Monroe
  • Monroe Middle School, Monroe
  • Morenci Elementary School, Lenawee County
  • North Elementary School, Newport
  • Ritter Elementary School, S. Rockwood
  • St. Charles School, Newport
  • St. Patrick School, Carleton
  • Sterling Elementary School, Carleton
  • Triumph Academy, Monroe
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