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S.S. Lapointe Drain Watershed Management Plan Project

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has identified impaired water quality in S.S. Lapointe Drain and Luna Pier due to excess levels of E. coli, phosphorus and sediment.  In addition to the local impairment issues, the S.S. Lapointe Drain is one of the many “orphan” watersheds in Monroe County that feeds directly into western Lake Erie and contributes to the phosphorus and algae problems that plague the western Lake Erie basin.

The S.S. Lapointe Drain watershed, encompassing about 18.5 square miles, is part of the Ottawa-Stony River watershed and is located in southeast Monroe County. The project scope also includes Sulphur and Muddy Creeks. Lake Erie Luna Pier Beach, also located in the Ottawa-Stony Watershed, is included in the S.S. Lapointe Drain watershed and was placed on the Section 303(d) list due to impairment of recreational uses as indicated by the presence of elevated levels of E.coli.

The planning project engaged a broad and diverse group of stakeholders over a two-year period to systematically identify problems and create a watershed management plan that includes implementation activities to address these water quality impairment issues. The MDEQ and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the management plan on September 25, 2017.

The project was funded by a MDEQ 319 non-point source grant.



S.S. Lapointe Drain Watershed Management Plan

Environmental Canine Report

Public Survey Results (Coming Soon)

Downloadable Maps, Charts (Coming Soon)

1/23/18 Public Meeting for S.S. Lapointe Drain Watershed Management Project

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