Environmental Careers Day 2017-12-20T10:44:02-05:00

Environmental Careers Day

This program develops citizen stewards for the Lake Erie watershed through hands-on experiences and instills interest in careers related to these experiences.

120 Monroe County 7th grade students will learn about various types of professions and careers related to environmental issues covered during two days with a tour of Monroe County Community College and its environmental and technology labs. Students have the opportunity to experience a boat ride at Monroe Boat Club to view Lake Erie and the trash left behind by humans and its effect on the environment.

Hands-on activities focus on the importance of recycling, proper treatment of waste water, combating invasive species and the effect of human behavior on our land and waters. Students have the opportunity to participate in an Anishinabek water ceremony as they learn about the Anishinabe way of life and the centrality of the sacredness of water. They conduct research by collecting water samples from the drains, streams, the River Raisin, and Lake Erie, and measure and compare the quality of the water. Students learn methods to protect their natural surroundings in such a way that excite and challenge them to be stewards of their environment.

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