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Down on the Farm! Project

We continued the conversation and engagement of school communities around the issue of climate change throughout the 2016 school year with the Down on the Farm! project, a school community experience linking food, culture, health and the environment. Monroe County is an agricultural community and farm animals are essential to the production of the food that we eat. A deeper look into animals as individuals and learning how to show compassion to animals will help change the way we think about farming practices and improve both consumer knowledge and efforts toward sustainability.

Participating schools received a Baby Farm Animal armature, Down on the Farm! Curriculum resource kit, including climate change, farming and food lesson plans. The completed school projects were displayed at the Monroe County Earth Day Expo 2016 and various Monroe County Library System branches.


Mason Central Elementary
Monroe Middle School
Sterling Elementary
Sodt Elementary
St. Charles School
MCES St. Michael Campus
MCES St. John Campus
Ritter Elementary
Dundee Middle School
St. Joseph School
MCES St. Mary Campus
St. Patrick School
Ida Middle School, Mrs. Thompson’s 5th Grade
Ida Middle School, Mr. Green’s 6th Grade
Triumph Academy

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