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Baby Elephant Project

Our first climate literacy project was inspired by Nomkhubulwane (Nom-koo-bull-WAH-nee – Zulu for Mother Earth), a life-size sculpture of an African elephant made of galvanized steel and recycled truck tires. In October 2010, Marygrove College hosted Nomkhubulwane, created by eminent South African artist Andries Botha. We offered participating schools one of ten baby elephant armatures through the assistance and direction from the Marygrove College Visual Arts Department.

The elephant is a metaphor of the connection between humans and a planet in crisis. Elephants are communal animals. They have memories and create paths for humans to find their way. This amazing project depict the powerful metaphor that expands into our classrooms and community and promote dialogue – calling us to gather, reflect and move forward on a journey of caring for our incredible planet and all of creation.

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2013 Participating Schools:
Central Elementary, Erie
Dundee Middle School
Monroe County Community College
North Elementary, Newport
Ritter Elementary, S Rockwood
St Patrick School, Carleton
St Charles School, Newport
Sodt Elementary, Frenchtown
Summerfield Elementary, Petersburg
Waterloo Elementary, Monroe
Monroe County Community College

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